Booking in February 2023
$165 + Tax  for 15 minutes and 5 images

Message for booking (Facebook or text (262) 745-5520)

Let your sparkle SHINE! Are your bight and bold? Are you sweet and fancy? I have you covered. These adorably messy mini sessions capture unbridled joy in an instant. I use a variety of materials and editing techniques to achieve both looks and put safety first. Foils, tissue and paper products will be used. NO REAL GLITTER will be used in the making of this massive fun. No fear your kids eyeballs, sweaty hands, feet, and little ears as well as your clothes, car, and house are all safe here.  

Best suited for kids 2yr-12ish.   

What to wear?

Confetti> Solid bold colors or a fun simple broad pattern like stripes is perfect. Playful hair in piggies, buns and ponies is extra fun. A cute romper/jumper is extra credit! You can’t really go wrong just avoid busy patterns, pictures and logos. 

Glitter> A fancy dress in any range of metallic, white, neutral tones or soft pastels would be amazing if you have it. Check out my client closet for girls 6mo-5T. I am happy to help you choose the perfect outfit just say the word!

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