#Turddlers 15 min shoot brings out all the feels.

What if my kids don’t “BEHAVE”?

Real talk: I get it. You are investing in a photo session, you have already made next years holiday card in your head and you are so nervous your little(s) are going to run wild or clam up and cry. I completely understand it’s important to you that the outcome meet your expectations of the magical, glowing, perfection you see on Pinterest. I want that for you. I love that for me. I also know toddlers. What I like to do for all my clients is to help them manage expectations ahead of their session. This does not mean lower the bar or get your hopes up. I just find it helpful to frame your experience in what is age appropriate! Littles can be nervous around new people, uncomfortable in a new place, I have a big awkward chunk of black plastic in my face asking them to sit funny and look at me. That’s a Lot! No amount of suckers, goldfish, fruit snacks or ice cream bribes will magically solve that equation. Safety is really my only concern. I will point out areas families should take note like cords in the studio or water, falling hazards on location and beyond that as a parent, professional educator and photographer I promise I can handle whatever you think is a hot mess. NO JUDGEMENT here.

So what can you do to make the best of your session?

As you prepare for your session you can prep or little(s) with the same effort you put into finding, booking and preparing for the session yourself. You can tell them my name and show them a picture of the studio or the location we will be shooting. You can say we are going to go “play” with Brittany for a little bit. try to keep things very calm and causal. If they pick up on your nerves or stress they are more likely to act out. Bring a little snack, nothing messy to get on faces or clothes. Something they can hide in a hand or in their mouth without being noticeable like a mini marshmallow or a smarties is great. I have 3 of my own and have lived this plenty of times. When I work with professionals I am always in love with the images in the end and rarely are they what I had in my head. They are the best when they are the true expressions of my littles in that exact moment in time, as they are, their true selves, all of them. And once I have had the chance to put some time and space between the emotions and stress of trying to get my little monkeys to perform on camera and the final outcome I always appreciate the little details and spontaneity of toddlers a little more after the session as I share my images with others and they respond with how well each was captured.

Worth the struggle for every split second they shine.

The shots you didn’t know you needed!

In keeping with everything I have already said about managing expectations and prioritizing what unfolds naturally and avoiding too much performance pressure on our littles I like to remind clients its ok if everyone is not looking straight at me at the same time with the same intensity perfectly posed and proper. Authentic interactions, genuine expressions and a little family fun is far more satisfying to look back at in time. A huggle, a tickle fest, a soft gaze off-camera can be far more impactful and memorable. 

Simple is best. It brings out all the details, the baby leg fat wrinkle the dimples in their cubby hands, the way their wispy hair meets the back of their neck. You cannot get these details back. Nothing fancy needed. Head to my home page for more information and checkout my full welcome and client guide

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